During the SSEC 2018 weekend a camping with Toilets and showers are available available at

Papendal Sports Centre Visit Papendal


If you prefer not to camp you can ask us bij email places to stay:

Hotel accommodation

For all the Single Speeders and partners who don’t want to camp on our special campsite at Papendal. There are some hotel alternatives in the surroundings.

If you want to stay on spot, you can book a room at Papendal Hotel. Just a few steps away where the party is at! It’s not like camping, but you can feel the party vibes from your hotel room.

Very near by is the next hotel. Just outside Papendal area (you can stil walk to the SSEC2018 base) is hotel van der Valk Arnhem.

You want pretty hotel just 6 km away from de SSEC2018 base we recommend you Bilderberg at Oosterbeek.